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I research, I write, I coach, I create, I inspire. I am a teacher.

After graduating from Complutense University, my teaching career started at a private primary school in my hometown. It then continued at a grammar school in Bristol, Great Britain. There I worked as a language assistant for a year, helped my colleagues create materials and made my students love the Spanish language and culture. It was a life-changing experience which made me want to devote myself to teaching.

Eager to learn more about the latest teaching methodologies, I decided to go back to university to earn a Master’s degree in Neuropsychology and Education, which opened me the door to a doctorate. During that time, I also worked as a language teacher for various public and private institutions in Spain and abroad.

In 2013, only a few months after attending a training course in England, I decided to take my teaching career one step further and set up my own Language School –The Language House–, a private academy with more than 250 students of all ages and five language teachers from different corners of the world. Although being your own boss and having so many responsibilities can be really exhausting sometimes, I must admit that I find it quite exciting and stimulating. One of the lessons I have learnt since I started my business is that all the problems that one might encounter in life are in fact inspirational challenges. Challenges should be regarded as the starting point of a new exciting creative process.

Some of my responsibilities as the School Director are supervising lesson plans, developing teaching materials, coordinating instructional workshops for kids and parents and organising and running training & immersion courses.

In order to promote our centre, we are part of an initiative called Call the Expert, an instructional radio programme run by a local radio station where experts speak about different topics and subjects. Some of the topics I have dealt with so far are language acquisition and language teaching and cultural facts about the English speaking world.

During the past few years I have done some personal development courses, like the CELTA course, in order to improve my teaching skills and done the training to become an speaking examiner for Cambridge.

I have also developed my own teaching materials and presented workshops and seminars at different institutions, like the International House, the University of Castilla la Mancha (Castilla la Mancha), Camilo José Cela University (Madrid) and the Málaga Teacher Training Centre.

Visit my blog to see more examples of materiales & activities I have created and developed:

Multiple Intelligences Summer Camp:

DIY ideas:



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