Bloom’s Taxonomy Activities for the Primary ClassroomBloom_taxonomy

Visual grammar

tilde_diacritica (2)

Vocabulary in images

helados (1)

Plan your lesson in 4 stepsplan_lesson_4_steps

Arts in Education
Untitled Infographic (20)

5 Qualities Super Teachers Must Have

Comic Word Clouds, Bubbles & Shapes (1)

5 frases que tus alumnos (e hijos) necesitan escuchar a diario para desarrollar toda su creatividad:

Untitled Infographic

6 Tips for Exam Success Untitled Infographic

The benefits of an active classroom

The benefits of an active clasUseful Idiomatic Expressions to Use at Work


Gamifying the language classroom

Beneficios de la gamificación en el aula de idiomas (1)

Aspectos a considerar para gamificar el aula de idiomas

World Book Day

Untitled Infographic (52)

Gamification: Bartle’s Player Types

Bartle's Player Types

Gamification: Theories & Their Impact on GamificationTheories_behind_gamification


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