DIY teaching ideas for language teachers

Idea # 1: Show pictures of people/ places to your students and ask them to draw their own interpretation of the pictures on a separate piece of paper. Collect all the drawings, display them around the classroom and ask your students to write their reactions to the drawings on the back.

Put the drawings inside a DIY toy camera and explain to your students that they are going to create story collectively using their drawings and sentences previously written. Beginning with ‘We have just come back from our three week vacation to…’, ask the students to add a sentence each using the information in the drawings. A great idea to foster students’ creativity & imagination!

cameraIdea # 2: Help your kids build sentences in the second language with this terrific idea -The Sentence Machine:


Idea # 3: Building stories with sticks, a creative way to foster students’ creativity and imagination through storytelling:


Building Stories with Sticks (1)

Idea # 4: Get your students talking and reward them using this DIY chewing gum Maxiroll box:

Maxiroll (8)

Idea # 5: Chores, responsabilities & routines bulletin board for kids:



Idea # 6: Painting with words: from the picture to the text




Idea # 7: DIY idea to help your students improve their reading skills: Interactive Book



Idea # 8: Help your students practice their reading skills with this DIY reading idea: Map your Reading


Idea # 9: A creative DIY idea to help your students practice their writing skills: Story Box




Idea # 10: Let’s go bowling! Get your students talking with this awesome idea.


Idea # 11: Have a piece of this delicious & instructive pizza! A fantastic DIY idea for teaching kids about the food pyramid and food groups in a creative and meaningful way.


Idea # 12: Be a Biologist for a day! With this wonderful activity your students will learn to classify bugs by identifying major structures common to them.



Idea # 13: Incorporate physical activity into your classroom and help your students memorize some vocabulary about feelings and emotions.

20150522_113312 (1)

To play this memory game you will need some plastic cups (one per team), a large sheet of paper, and permanent markers (one per team). First, draw some faces showing feelings and an empty speech bubble next to each face on the plastic cups. To help your students match the faces on the cups with the feelings written on the sheet of paper, you may need to write a number next to each face/bubble. On the large sheet of paper, draw some speech bubbles, write a feeling inside each bubble and display the sheet on the wall.

Divide the class into small groups and give each group a plastic cup and a marker. Ask one person from each group to run to the wall, try to memorize as many feelings as possible in one minute, run back to their groups, recite the words they remember and write them down inside the bubbles on the cups. To make it more competitive and exciting, you many want to set a time limit for the last part of the game. The team with the least feelings written on the cups when the time is up is the loser.

Idea # 14: A ‘candy’ for your thoughts!

One candy, one question, one minute. Ask your students to take as many candies as they want. To keep all the candies, they will have to answer the same number of questions as candies were taken at the beginning of the class. If they are unable to keep talking about the topic for a minute at least, the teacher keeps the candies. A fantastic idea to help your students get to know each other on the first day of school!


Idea #15: DIY Alphabet for kids

Design your own DIY alphabet and surprise your students!


Idea # 16: Bracelets

A chic and creative idea to teach the alphabet to the not so young ones…


Idea # 17: Box of Chocolates

Get your students talking with this sweet idea.


Idea #18: Teaching the human body & the skeletal system with a personalised interactive book.




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